Campaign Finance: Political Action Committee Overview


Who Needs to Register a Political Action Committee?

Who is a PAC?​  (§​ ​11.0101(25))

(a) Subject to par. (b), “political action committee" means any person, other than an individual, or any permanent or temporary combination of 2 or more persons unrelated by marriage that satisfies any of the following:
1. It has the major purpose of express advocacy​, as specified in the person's organizational or governing documents, the person's bylaws, resolutions of the person's governing body, or registration statements filed by the person under this chapter.
2. It uses more than 50 percent of its total spending in a 12-month period on expenditures for express advocacy, expenditures made to support or defeat a referendum, and contributions made to a candidate committee, legislative campaign committee, or political party. In this subdivision, total spending does not include a committee's fundraising or administrative expenses.
(b) “Political action committee" does not include a candidate committee, legislative campaign committee, political party, or recall committee.

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