Statements of Economic Interests

State officials and candidates file Statements of Economic Interests for public inspection at the time they enter the public arena and continue to update them annually. Members and employees of the State of Wisconsin Investment Board must file quarterly reports of economic transactions with the Ethics Commission. A statement identifies a filer's, and his or her immediate family's, employers, investments, real estate, commercial clients, and creditors. The purpose of the statement is to disclose the official's or candidate's financial relationships. Approximately 2,500 state public officials and candidates for state office file statements of economic interests on an annual basis.

Please visit our SEI forms and instructions page, or our resources section for guidelines related to Statements of Economic Interests.

Eye on Financial Relationships Website

Eye on Financial Relationships provides a listing of every official required to file such a statement, whether or not the individual has filed his or her statement, and an index of officials' financial relationships.