Statements of Economic Interests

​​​​​​​​​​​State officials and candidates file Statements of Economic Interests for public inspection at the time they enter the public arena and continue to update them annually. Members and employees of the State of Wisconsin Investment Board must file quarterly reports of economic transactions with the Ethics Commission. A statement identifies a filer's, and his or her immediate family's, employers, investments, real estate, commercial clients, and creditors. The purpose of the statement is to disclose the official's or candidate's financial relationships. Approximately 2,500 state public officials and candidates for state office file statements of economic interests on an annual basis.

Please visit our SEI forms and instructions page​ or our resources section for guidelines related to Statements of Economic Interests.

Statement of Economic Interests Website

The Statement of Economic Interests website provides a listing of every official required to file such a statement, and information on requesting a report of officials' financial relationships. 

Current Officials who need to file a statement can find directions on how to do that here:

 SEI User Manual.pdf

​State employees who maintain the list of SEI filers for their agency can find directions on how to add, remove, and track SEI filers here:

 SEI Agency User Manual.pdf

Economic Development and Tourism Activities

Wisconsin Statutes require the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC)  and the Department of Tourism to file a report with the Ethics Commission annually by April 30th specifying the source and amount of anything of value received during the preceding calendar year, along with the program or activity in connection with which the thing is received, and the location and date of the program or activity. 

WEDC may accept and provide things of value for:

  • Hosting individuals in order to promote business, economic development, tourism or conferences sponsored by multistate, national or international associations of governments or governmental officials.
  • The sponsorship by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation of a trip to a foreign country primarily to promote trade between that country and this state that the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation can demonstrate through clear and convincing evidence is primarily for the benefit of this state.

The Department of Tourism may accept and provide things of value for hosting individuals to promote tourism.

The most recent filed reports are available below.

2023 Tourism Ethics Report CY 2022.pdf

2023 WEDC Economic Development Activities Report CY 2022.pdf

2022 Tourism Ethics Report CY 2021.pdf

2022 WEDC Economic Development Activities Report CY 2021.pdf

2021 Tourism Ethics Report CY 2020.pdf

2021 WEDC Economic Development Activities Report CY 2020.pdf

2020 Tourism Ethics Report CY 2019.pdf

2020 WEDC Economic Development Activities Report CY 2019.pdf

Information for Candidates Regarding Filing a SEI for Ballot Access 

Spring candidates for Supreme Court Justice, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Court of Appeals Judge, Circuit Court Judge, Municipal Judge, and Multi-Jurisdictional Municipal Judge must file a Statement of Economic Interests with the Wisconsin Ethics Commission in order to appear on the ballot. Fall candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, and State Treasurer, as well as candidates for State Senate, Assembly, and District Attorney, must also file. We recommend that candidates file their Statement on or before the last day on which their nomination papers may be filed, unless they are nominated by caucus.

  • Spring 2024 candidates who file nomination papers - if we have not received a completed Statement of Economic Interests by 4:30 p.m., Friday, January 5, 2024, the candidate will not be certified for ballot placement. 
  • For Municipal Judges nominated by caucus, statements are due no later than 4:30 p.m. on the fifth day after notification of nomination is mailed or personally delivered to you by the municipal clerk.
  • Fall 2024 candidates who file nomination papers - if we have not received a completed Statement of Economic Interests by 4:30 p.m., Thursday, June 6, 2024, the candidate will not be certified for ballot placement.  

If you wish your name to be on the ballot, be certain that your Statement has reached the Wisconsin Ethics Commission by that time and that it is complete. We encourage you to submit your Statement in advance of the due date so that we can verify that it meets the law’s requirements before the deadline.

Even though the information contained on your Statement must be current as of December 31, 2023, you may file your Statement prior to December 31 if you can foresee with reasonable certainty the information needed to complete it. If you file your Statement before year’s end, you must amend it by the statutory deadline if an amendment is necessary to make it correct as of December 31, 2023.

Candidates may now file SEIs online at  State-level candidates will register in CFIS and receive an email notice to file their SEIs within a day or two of updating their registration.  Incumbent Municipal Judge and Multi-Jurisdictional Judge candidates will receive an email about December 1st to file for the next year.  New Municipal Judge and Multi-Jurisdictional Judge candidates must enter their information in the SEI website so staff can set them up to file online.  More information for Municipal and Multi-Jurisdictional Judge candidates can be found here

You may also submit your completed Statement by mail, email, or fax. If you choose to transmit your completed Statement to us via fax or email, please do not follow-up with the original--retain it for your own records. Statements of Economic Interests are open for public inspection. Wisconsin law requires the Ethics Commission to notify you of the identity of each person who examines your Statement. Winners of the spring election will update their Statements in the spring of 2025 and annually thereafter.

If you have a question about completing your Statement, contact the Ethics Commission via email at or phone at (608) 266-8123.
For questions regarding ballot access, contact the Wisconsin Elections Commission by visiting their website at, by email at, or by phone at (608) 266-8005.

A list of candidates that have filed their SEI with the Ethics Commission for ballot access is available here: Municipal Judge Candidates SEI Filings Spring 2024.xlsx