Campaign Finance: Search Data and View Filed Reports

Wisconsin's electronic Campaign Finance Information System (CFIS) was introduced in 2009. CFIS has all reports covering activity from July 1, 2008 to present for candidates for state offices, and committees raising or spending money to support or oppose them. Reports are available to the public immediately after they are filed by the committee.

View Filed Reports

Use the Filed Report Search to view a full finance report or a cover page listing cash balances and total reciepts and expenses for the period. Reports will download in PDF format.

Filed Report Search

Search Transactions

The Receipt Search and the Expense Search allow you to search for a specific contributor, receipient, or other criteria, and export transactions to a spreadsheet.

Search Registered Committees

Use the Registrant Search to search the full directory of committees and conduits registered with the Ethics Commission. The directory includes current and terminated registrants.

Registrant Search