​As a candidate for elected office in the State of Wisconsin, you would benefit from information from both the Wisconsin Ethics Commission and the Wisconsin Elections Commission, regardless of what office you are seeking. The Wisconsin Ethics Commission administers Wisconsin's laws regarding campaign finance, lobbying and ethics. The Elections Commission administers Wisconsin's laws regarding voters; local election officials; nominations, primaries and elections; and election results.

Candidates should file the required documents with the appropriate state agency if seeking the following offices:

  • Partisan: Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, State Senator, Representative to the Assembly, District Attorney
  • Non-Partisan: Justice of the State Supreme Court, Court of Appeals Judge, Circuit Court Judge, State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Candidates for all other offices should file the required documents with the appropriate local filing officer (e.g., town clerk for town board candidates, school board clerk for school board candidates, etc.). Local candidates should speak with the local filing officer to determine what requirements apply for that local office.

In order to appear on the ballot as a candidate for a state office (see the list above), it is highly recommended to complete the following steps in the order listed:

  • Register/Update a candidate campaign committee (must be done prior to raising or spending money) with the Ethics Commission
  • For the purpose of determining how you wish your name to appear on the ballot, file a Declaration of Candidacy with the Elections Commission
  • File nomination papers with the required number of valid signatures from eligible electors within the district with the Elections Commission
  • File a Statement of Economic Interests with the Ethics Commission

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